Plain-colored Tanager Tangara inornata Photo by Jonathan Slifkin One of the most common sights from the observation deck at the Canopy Tower is the Plain-colored Tanager. True to its name it is mostly

Wing-banded Antbird Myrmornis torquata Photo by Tyler Ficker The rainforests of eastern Panama are perhaps the most important stronghold of the rare and distinctive Wing-banded Antbird. These antbirds can be recognized by their

Dendrophthora fortis Photo by Jerry and Linda Harrison   Although mistletoes are familiar to many for their significance in European cultures, from ancient Norse mythology to modern Christmas traditions, they reach by far

Canopy Lizard Polychrus gutturosus Photo by Domiciano Alveo   The Canopy Lizard is a diurnal, arboreal lizard of the lowlands and foothills of Central America and northwestern South America. It can be identified

Veraguan Mango Anthracothorax veraguensis Photo by Danilo Rodriguez Jr. Named for the Panamanian province of Veraguas, the Veraguan Mango was long considered to be strictly endemic to Panama but in recent years has

The Canopy Tower: Updates from Our First Year. February 1998 During this month we had quite a few important visitors. The top position must go to Dr. Robert S. Ridgely, the world-famous ornithologist

In January of 2003, I received an email from Stuart, an American radar technician who had worked at the Canopy Tower in its previous life as a US military installation. I was excited

Swainson’s Hawk Buteo swainsoni Photo by Jonathan Slifkin. Every October and November, and again in March and April, nearly every Swainson’s Hawk in the world traverses the isthmus of Panama, on its way

Geoffroy’s Tamarin Saguinus geoffroyi Photo by Doug Weschler Geoffroy’s Tamarin, known locally in Panama as “mono tití,” is Central America’s only tamarin species and Panama’s smallest monkey, around the size of a squirrel.

Hourglass Tree FrogDendropsophus ebraccatus Photo by Eliecer Rodríguez. The Hourglass Tree Frog is a common and adaptable species of frog that has been the subject of much scientific attention due to several unusual