Agami Heron Panama

An elusive Agami Heron encounter

March 27, 2019

Pipeline Road has been the source of many great sightings lately, including Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoos and Great Curassows, but this Agami Heron, found by Canopy Family guide Jorge Pineda, made everyone’s day during a full day tour at this world-famous birding area.

Green Ibis Panama

Green Ibis spotted on Pipeline Road!

February 6, 2019

Canopy Family guide Jorge Pineda spotted a Green Ibis feeding in a small pond along Pipeline Road. Green from head to toe, this unique ibis is rare in central Panama. A great find!

Crested Eagle Canopy Tower Panama

FIRST TIME EVER: Crested Eagle spotted at the Canopy Tower!

January 11 2019

You never know what just might show up – a Crested Eagle perched in full view from the Observation Deck this morning!

Rose-throated Becard

Rose-throated Becard at the Canopy Lodge!

November 30 2018

A new species for our Canopy Family checklist this month: Rose-throated Becard!

Hawk Migration Canopy Tower Panama

Migrating raptors streaming over Canopy Tower

October 04 2018

Hawk migration is underway and we are enjoying the spectacle at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Camp.

Great Jacamar Canopy Tower Panama

Great Jacamar at the Canopy Tower!

October 01 2018

A stunning Great Jacamar has been showing off around the Canopy Tower.

Crested Eagle along Rio Turquesa in Darien!

September 28 2018

Naturetrek guests score fantastic views of Crested Eagle during a week at the Canopy Camp.

Black-crowned Antpitta

Black-crowned Antpitta at the Canopy Adventure!

August 08 2018

One of Panama’s most wanted birds is the Black-crowned Antpitta, and some of the locations around the Canopy Lodge are among the best places to see this unique bird. Recently, one has been hanging around the trails at the Canopy Adventure, likely following swarms of army ants. The Canopy Adventure is only a few hundred meters down the road from the Canopy Lodge, making this the closest sightings of this bird to the lodge. Today Canopy Family guide Danilo Rodriguez Jr. reports that the bird was present along the trail, and got great photos! (check it out on our Facebook and Instagram pages!)

Lifers for our guides!

August 05 2018

This year’s annual Canopy Family guide reunion included a day of birding in the upper foothills of western Panama in Omar Torrijos (El Cope) National Park. In the lush cloud forest, among 81 species of birds seen during the day was a very special bird, a BARE-NECKED UMBRELLABIRD emerged from the misty forest. This bird appeared to be possibly a young male. It was a mega lifer for a majority of the team!

Other great birds seen during the day were Black-headed Antthrush, Purplish-backed Quail-Dove, Yellow-eared Toucanet, Stripe-breasted Wren, Smoky-brown Woodpecker, Orange-bellied Trogon and Tawny-capped Euphonia!

Black-billed Flycatcher

Black-billed Flycatcher sighting in Darien!

With only a small handful of sightings, the Black-billed Flycatcher is poorly known in Panama. It has a very small range, being found only in eastern Panama (Darien) and northern Colombia. During yesterday’s full day Harpy Eagle excursion, Canopy Family guide Domi Alveo and a group of birders spotted the small flycatcher, got great views, as well as documented photos and recordings of its call. Great sighting!

Blue Seedeater

Blue Seedeater sighting near the Canopy Lodge!

June 18 2018

The Blue Seedeater is one of the misunderstood bamboo specialists – a rare species that shows up on occasion when bamboo is seeding. Years can go in between sightings in Panama, but during last week’s birding trip to Valle Chiquito, Canopy Family guide Danilo Rodriguez turned up a lovely male! It definitely was noted as the bird of the day!

Macaw sightings at Canopy Camp Darien!

May 28 2018

Around mid-day today, Canopy Family guide Carlos Bethancourt reports a pair of GREAT GREEN MACAWS perched in view at the Canopy Camp, and a pair of BLUE-AND-YELLOW MACAWS flying overhead! The 5 species of macaws found in Panama are generally rare, and Great Green Macaws are an endangered species. Darien is a stronghold for these species and many other rare and range-restricted birds.

Brown Violetear spotted at Canopy Camp Darien

May 28 2018

The Brown Violetear is a unique hummingbird locally found in the foothills of Central and South America. To our surprise, Canopy Family guide Carlos Bethancourt spotted one at the Canopy Camp yesterday, in the Darien lowlands. This very unexpected hummingbird was feeding at the verbenas beside the dining room. A new species for Canopy Camp Darien!

Rare birds in Darien!

May 03 2018

On May 2, Canopy Family guide Eliecer Rodriguez reported a marvellous day of birding on the full day excursion to see a Harpy Eagle, with of course, great views of the Harpy! Even more, a pair of Blue-and-yellow Macaws AND an endangered Great Green Macaw were spotted in the same tree, something we have never encountered up until now. These exciting birds, along with many others, made for a great day in Darien.

Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo Panama

A great day for cuckoos!

May 01 2018

A fantastic full day of birding at Pipeline Road today turned a Pheasant Cuckoo along the road and not one but TWO Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoos attending a large army ant swarm. Both species are seldom seen and such spectacular birds of the Neotropical rainforests.

Another highlight of the day was a very cooperative Streak-chested Antpitta!