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“To become the role model for world-class eco-tourism by providing quality affordable lodging, offering a highly-trained guide service second to none, and delivering exemplary assistance to all of our clients’ needs.”

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“To share the nature, history and culture of the Republic of Panamá with passion and enthusiasm, focused on customer satisfaction and guided by the principles of conservation and social responsibility.”

Pipeline Road is considered by many to be one of the best birding locations in all of Central America if not the world. It's possible to see 300 species in a single day, and a world record of 450 species in 24 hrs. was set there in 1985...The 17 km. road provides access to both forest and wetland birds. Numerous side trails plus 11 creeks and rivers can be followed into the forest. Army ant swarms often attended by antbirds and sometimes Rufous-vented Ground-cuckoo are found frequently. Soberania National Park.
A nature walk along Pipeline Road on one of our eco vacations.

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