Explore the cloud forest and its captivating birdlife

The idyllic Canopy Lodge offers a serene and natural atmosphere, where the wildlife comes in close and plant life is abundant around every corner. For the wildlife enthusiast, there is no shortage of opportunities to enjoy the birds and local wildlife day after day.

Canopy Lodge Tours

Browse our all-inclusive birding and nature packages at the Canopy Lodge. Here, you will find a great selection of tours, from dedicated birding tours to tours focused on mammals, herps and even plants! All of our birding tours are led by expert bilingual naturalist guides equipped with binoculars and spotting scopes, as well as various aids in the field for bringing in and showing you the birds.


Other Activities

Explore all that the Canopy Lodge has to offer by participating in one of our many unique bird, day, or non-birder activities. All of our day visit bird watching tours are led by experienced, bilingual birding/nature guides equipped with binoculars and a scope. We also offer specialized tours for visitors who are interested in things other than birds – so there’s something for everyone!

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