Pack for a Purpose provides travelers from all around the world with up-to-date information necessary for bringing requested supplies to community-based projects supported by lodgings and tour companies worldwide. Canopy Family has partnered

Recently, Canopy Family supported a small fieldtrip with a great value: kids from Darién that belong to the Environmental Brigades, organized by Loira Castillo from the Ministry of Environment, visited Soberanía National Park and

The Canopy Family proudly donates a portion of its profits to support birding clubs, conservation organizations, and other environmental initiatives, namely: ANCON (Asociacion para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza) Fundacion AVIFAUNA ADESVA (Asociacion

Canopy Tower Family Invests in Planting Empowerment Planting Empowerment, a socially responsible forestry company working in Panama, announced today that the Canopy Tower Family, a renowned group of eco-lodges, has invested in Planting