Gaige’s Rain Frog Pristimantis gaigei Photo by Rafael Lau Gaige’s Rain Frog, also known as Fort Randolph Robber Frog and False Dart Frog, is a species of frog belonging to the family Craugastoridae.

Imagine if you had started birdwatching when you were 6. Julien Amsellem is an enthusiastic 19-year-old New Yorker from Hastings-on-Hudson, who has been birding actually since he was 6 years old. The moment

Ruby-topaz Hummingbird Chrysolampis mosquitus Photo by Carlos Bethancourt The Ruby-topaz Hummingbird is an amazing hummingbird distributed mostly in South America. It can be found in Colombia, Venezuela, Suriname (which is the type locality—the

Denia was looking for a job, when her cousin, who worked with Canopy Family, told her there was an opening.And just like that, Denia started working as a housekeeper at the Canopy Tower

      Recently, the rainforests of Panama faced a historically significant threat. Nevertheless, at present, the opportunity to appreciate them has never been greater, making a visit to Panama more worthwhile than

Pack for a Purpose provides travelers from all around the world with up-to-date information necessary for bringing requested supplies to community-based projects supported by lodgings and tour companies worldwide. Canopy Family has partnered

Recently, Canopy Family supported a small fieldtrip with a great value: kids from Darién that belong to the Environmental Brigades, organized by Loira Castillo from the Ministry of Environment, visited Soberanía National Park and

The Canopy Family proudly donates a portion of its profits to support birding clubs, conservation organizations, and other environmental initiatives, namely: ANCON (Asociacion para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza) Fundacion AVIFAUNA ADESVA (Asociacion

Canopy Tower Family Invests in Planting Empowerment Planting Empowerment, a socially responsible forestry company working in Panama, announced today that the Canopy Tower Family, a renowned group of eco-lodges, has invested in Planting

Cookeina speciosa Photo: Rosannette Quesada-Hidalgo Cookeina speciosa is a cup-type fungus that grows throughout the tropics in both the new and the old world. In Panama, it is common in lowland rainforests. It