White-tipped Sicklebill  Eutoxeres aquila Photo by Danilo Rodríguez Jr. There are two species of sicklebill hummingbirds around the world: the Buff-tailed Sicklebill (E. condamini) and the White-tipped Sicklebill (E. aquila). The White-tipped Sicklebills

Sylvia’s Tree Frog Cruziohyla sylviae Photo by Eliécer Rodríguez Probably the most interesting feature about this species is that adults assemble en masse to reproduce, where females lay their eggs on leaves overhanging

        Tropics are the most biodiverse ecosystem in the world. The Neotropics, the tropical areas located in the American continent, encompass several developing countries, nations which have not experienced a

Itys Leafwing Zaretys itys itys  Photo by Jerry and Linda Harrison This butterfly belongs to the largest family of butterflies, the Nymphalidae. All members of this family have six legs like all insects,

Tropical islands are unique and valuable ecosystems characterized by high levels of endemism. In Panama, multiple groups of islands form important biodiversity and endemism hotspots, including the Pearl Islands archipelago, located around 48

Giant Lizard of Guna Yala Dactyloa kunayalae Photo by Jerry and Linda Harrison This wonderful species of lizard was described as Anolis kunayalae in a paper published in the journal Phyllomedusa, in 2007.

By Rosannette Quesada-Hidalgo   The Ecuadorian-Venezuelan biologist and explorer Alejandro Arteaga and his team recently described three new species of snakes for Panama. In 2019, the Canopy Family invited Alejandro and his team