Towels folded especially for you!
Honeymoon room_Denia2
Denia with sloth
Denia Hernández with a towel that she  just folded in the shape of a sloth

Denia was looking for a job, when her cousin, who worked with Canopy Family, told her there was an opening.And just like that, Denia started working as a housekeeper at the Canopy Tower in 2018, six years ago. One day, to spice her work up, she started folding the towels differently. The first shapes she made were flowers, and she loved them and enjoyed the process very much. Then, she thought that because visitors come to see mostly animals, she could fold some towels in animal shapes. Consequently, she started learning on her own, watching videos on YouTube, practicing with different shapes and sizes of towels, and started making turtles, elephants, swans, and her masterpiece: sloths.  She had a lot of fun during her work every day, and with practice, she also became very fast. She started to notice that visitors expressed their joy when they saw the towels folded especially for them, and that encourages her to keep folding the towels in different shapes. Denia says this is a particular detail that makes visitors feel warm and welcome. Now, when a couple is celebrating their anniversary or a visitor is celebrating a birthday, Denia is called in advance because she has a special job: decorating the room personally for them with towels folded especially for them.

More recently, Denia was transferred to the kitchen staff, but she has been teaching the new housekeeping personally so they can give the room that unique touch. Nevertheless, she is still the one that will decorate your room for that special occasion!


Towels folded by Denia
Towels folded by Denia in different animal shapes for visitors at the Canopy Tower