Nestling and dark-morph Crested Eagle (Morphnus guianensis) female.   By Alexandra Eastman Little is known about the behavior of the Crested Eagle. Although it is one of the largest eagles in the Americas,

A look at Life in the Lowland Rainforest By Alexandra Eastman I was raised on jungle stories that my father would tell me before bed of his time spent in Panama before I

Ogre-faced Spider Deinopis sp. Photo by Rosannette Quesada-Hidalgo Like many other spiders, Ogre-faced Spiders are nocturnal. However, they have a very peculiar feature that distinguishes them from other spiders: their median eyes are

Eusebio Sánchez has worked at the Canopy Tower for 18 years. At a very young age, his dad taught him how to bake bread, and baking is one of the reasons he now

Eriophora fuliginea Photo by Rosannette Quesada-Hidalgo Eriophora fuliginea is a beautiful orb-weaving spider that belongs to the family Araneae. It is brown with a noticeable coat of thick short hairs. However, individuals vary in

The isolated mountain ranges at the border of Panama and Colombia harbor some of Central (and South) America’s least accessible and least frequently observed birds. In a recent trip report from Cerro Pirre,

The opening of the Canopy Camp in 2014 was a pioneering event for birding and ecotourism in Darién, the far eastern province of Panama. The humid lowlands of Darién play host to a

Banded Peacock Anartia fatima Photo by Jonathan Slifkin The Banded Peacock is among Panama’s most abundant butterflies. It is brown above with a bold cream-white to yellow band across each wing as well

Plain-colored Tanager Tangara inornata Photo by Jonathan Slifkin One of the most common sights from the observation deck at the Canopy Tower is the Plain-colored Tanager. True to its name it is mostly

Wing-banded Antbird Myrmornis torquata Photo by Tyler Ficker The rainforests of eastern Panama are perhaps the most important stronghold of the rare and distinctive Wing-banded Antbird. These antbirds can be recognized by their