Robert Fuller, famous artist and wildlife filmmaker, visits the Canopy Family!

Daniel Arias Barakat, our Canopy Family Executive Vice President, and Carlos Bethancourt, our Canopy Family lead guide, were visiting the Global Bird Fair in the UK in July 2022 when they met Robert Fuller, a famous British wildlife artist and filmmaker. They got to talking and were struck by his astonishing work. One thing led to another, and in partnership with our friends from Tranquilo Bay Lodge in Bocas del Toro, they invited him to visit Panama. Robert Fuller and his team arrived last November and visited our three ecolodges. In the company of our Canopy Family guide Eliécer Rodríguez, they carefully explored the surroundings of each lodge. For Eliécer, it was his first time deeply assisting a film crew and he claims it was an incredible experience.

Some of the highlights of the Canopy Camp trip were filming the Harpy Eagle family on their nest and the Crested Eagle juvenile we have been observing since it was a chick on its nest, now flying and practicing how to hunt. At Canopy Tower, the team was amazed by a leucistic Northern Tamandua they were able to carefully follow and film, and the sighting of a congregation of the very uncommon Sylvia’s Tree Frog. At the Canopy Lodge, they were surprised by a Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth with a small baby hanging out in the canopy of the cloud forest and a Spectacled Owl adult and chick. We invite you to watch these incredible videos by clicking the following links and be just as staggered as we were: Canopy Camp, Canopy Tower, and Canopy Lodge.