The new painting inside the Canopy Tower dome
Joe with mural inside dome

     As soon as Joe Miller heard the idea of painting the inside of the gigantic dome of the Canopy Tower, he accepted the challenge. It started with a year of conversation and planning with Daniel, the Canopy Family Executive Vice President, but the actual execution took just about 2 weeks. As this was no ordinary painting, the biggest challenges were how to reach the upper part of the dome, and the combination of humidity and temperature inside it, with the physical strain on his back and shoulders from painting the upper part of the dome adding an interesting level of endurance to the job. However, Joe enjoyed every part of the process, and the experience of staying at the Canopy Tower surrounded by flying birds and nature was his inspiration for finishing this incredible masterpiece. For sure, he added priceless value to our dining and living room, as he did at the Canopy Tower entrance on the first floor with his amazing mural. Both artworks will make your experience of staying at the Canopy Tower unique! Want to learn more about the process? Watch the video here.

     Joe has been doing artwork his entire life, but it was only right after graduate school that he quit his job and started working as an independent artist. He has been painting on his own for a decade now. It was hard at the beginning, and many times he thought about quitting. However, he wouldn´t want to let down all the people who supported him on the way to becoming a professional independent artist, and as that support continues to grow, nowadays he is pretty busy and with a lot of wonderful artwork to do!