Star-of-Bethlehem Hippobroma longiflora Photo by Jenn Sinasac On the outside, this attractive perennial, with its long, snow-white, tubular flower and 5 petals arranged in the shape of a star against dark green leaves,

Spanish Flag Orchid Epidendrum radicans Photo by Jenn Sinasac A “weedy” orchid, common along the roadsides and fields of middle elevations in Central America, the Spanish Flag Orchid is rather eye-catching and distinct.

Gumbo Limbo Tree Bursera simaruba Photo by Jenn Sinasac The Gumbo Limbo tree is one of the most recognizable trees of the American tropics—often called the “tourist tree” because of its characteristic peeling

Bijao Calathea latifolia Photo by Jenn Sinasac Locally known as “bijao,” Calathea latifolia is a distinct roadside plant of central Panama. Standing 1-2 meters tall, the Bijao plant is recognized by its large,

Aechmea setigera Photo by Jerry and Linda Harrison Aechmea setigera is a large bromeliad native to tropical America. Like many bromeliads, it is epiphytic and usually found high in trees. It grows to

Achiote Bixa orellana Photo by Jerry & Linda Harrison   Achiote is a distinctive shrub or small tree in the family Bixaceae. The tree grows 6-10 meters tall and is identifiable by its bright

Firebush Hamelia patens Photo by Jenn Sinasac This large shrub or small tree of the coffee family (Rubiaceae) stands out in the crowd—its bright red-orange tubular flowers give it many appropriate common names

Expanded Lobster Claw Heliconia latispatha Photo by Jerry & Linda Harrison Of all the thousands of tropical plants, Heliconia is one plant genus that many people visiting Panama recognize. Even determining species is

Guayacan Trumpet Tree Tabebuia guayacan Photo by Jenn Sinasac Every March, the forestscape bursts with color as the Guayacan trees start to bloom, producing a full crown of golden, tubular-shaped flowers. It is

Crimson Passion Flower Passiflora vitifolia Photo by Jenn Sinasac One of the large, conspicuous flowers of the forest understory, the Crimson Passion Flower is one of the most beautiful sights when blooming! This