Hot Lips Psychotria poeppigiana Hot Lips is one of the characteristic shrubs of the Neoptropics, and one which visitors are always delighted to see. It is a member of the family Rubiaceae (coffee family)

Panama Hat Plant Carludovica palmata   Often called the Panama Hat Palm for its palm-like appearance, this is actually not a true palm since it lacks a woody trunk. The soft, flexible, durable

Mule’s Ear Miconia Miconia impetiolaris Photo by Jerry & Linda Harrison Mule’s-ear Miconia, or “Oreja de Mula,” is a fairly common shrub or small tree belonging to a very diverse family, the melastomataceae,

Wallis’ Orchid Epidendrum wallisii Photo by Domiciano Alveo A beautiful orchid from the foothills of Central America, this species is blooming now in Panama! Epidendrum wallisii is one of several members of this

White-top Sedge Rhynchospora nervosa Photo by Jenn Sinasac This short, grass-like plant is a member of the sedge family, Cyperaceae.  It is characterized by the presence of leaf-like bracts, which have a white basal

Guacimo Colorado Leuhea seemannii Guacimo Colorado with Mantus Metalmark (Nymphidium mantus) feeding at flower, by Jenn Sinasac A tall canopy tree of the lowland and foothill rainforests of Panama, this tree can reach

Jacaranda Jacaranda copaia Photo by Jerry & Linda Harrison The Jacaranda is a tall, forest tree reaching 45 m in height, extending into the canopy of humid lowland rainforests.  It is best known

Lady of the Night Orchid Brassavola nodosa Photo by Jenn Sinasac Named for its sweet citrus and gardenia-like fragrance which can be detected in the early evening, the Lady of the Night Orchid

Salamo Calycophyllum candidissimum Photo by Jerry & Linda Harrison Salamo is a striking, medium-sized tree of the Pacific dry forest and lower foothills premontane humid forests of Panama.  It grows 5-18 m tall

Prestonia portobellensis Photo by Jerry & Linda Harrison Prestonia portobellensis is a beautiful member of the Dogbane family, Apocynaceae.  The genus Prestonia comprises approximately 60 species found in Central and South America and