Northern Tamandua Tamandua mexicana Photo by Jenn Sinasac The Northern Tamandua, also known as the Lesser Anteater or Vested Anteater, is a medium-sized anteater found in the tropical and subtropical forests of Central

Kinkajou Potos flavos A Kinkajou resting during the day, photo by Domiciano Alveo The Kinkajou is a medium-sized arboreal mammal of the lowland forests of Central and South America. It is 40-60 cm in

Robinson’s Mouse Opossum Marmosa robinsoni A truly interesting mammal! The Robinson’s Mouse Opossum is one of the Neotropics marsupials—a primitive group of mammals found in the Americas and Australia. It is relatively large

Rufous Tree Rat Diplomys labilis Photo by Jenn Sinasac The cute Rufous Tree Rat is a large species of spiny rat in the family Echimyidae, the Neotropical spiny rat family.  It is known