In the treetops: Panama’s Canopy Tower provides a luxurious perch By Reed Glenn Special to The Denver PostSunday, March 31, 2002 – SOBERANIA NATIONAL PARK, Panama Sitting among the treetops high in the

New York Times, Travel Section (excerpts) By Mary Tannen April 21, 2002 I NEVER thought I’d come face to face with an ocellated antbird. In fact, until the day before, I hadn’t even known

Black Hawk-Eagle by Michael Castro One of the great pleasures of anyone who has an appreciation for the natural world is watching an animal return back to its natural habitat.  A sense of

“Choco” the Harpy Eagle, a new arrival at Summit Park A special visit to see Panama’s national bird, the majestic Harpy Eagle It’s not every day an opportunity arises to meet a Harpy

By SUSAN HOLMES and BESSY REYNA The Hartford Courant August 18, 2002 Choosing to travel to the beautiful small country of Panama is easy, but selecting where you will stay and what you’ll

Sanjida O’Connell takes in the sights and sounds of the rain forest at a former US radio tower turned eco-lodge. Saturday March 29, 2003 The Guardian I staggered upstairs at seven in the

By Joy Rothke Special to The Tico Times Weekly Edition: Vol. VIII, No. 71 – San José, Costa Rica, June 20 – June 26, 2003 Glowing adjectives are bandied about with abandon when

From Alaska to the Australian outback, these innovative retreats are committed to conservation—with the added value of cultural sensitivity, isolation, and, of course, style. Being green has never been so appealing. From July,

If you’re looking for a refuge from live television coverage of the war in Iraq, I’ve got a suggestion. It’s called the Canopy Tower Hotel, and it’s about half an hour’s drive from

Bob Cullen, Fall 2003 When Raúl Arias de Para (MS Economics ’70) wants to show guests around his place, he puts on a floppy red bush hat that has faded to a soft