Danilo Rodríguez

Jose Danilo Jr was born on January 21, 1991, and grew up in the town of El Valle de Anton. He spent his childhood surrounded by nature, as his father, Danilo Sr, was guiding at the Canopy Adventure.

After graduating from high school in El Valle, Jose Danilo Jr pursued a degree in Tourism Management at UDELAS (Universidad Especializada de las Americas) in Panama City. While attending university, Danilo Jr began working at the Canopy Bed & Breakfast in Gamboa in 2011, where he gained valuable experience in customer service. During his time at the B&B, his passion for birds and wildlife continued to grow.

Upon completing his studies, Carlos recognized Jose Danilo Jr’s dedication and knowledge, and offered him a position as a bird guide at the Canopy Family. Embracing the opportunity to follow in his

Danilo Rodríguez

father’s footsteps, Jose Danilo Jr enthusiastically joined the guiding team at the Canopy Lodge, Canopy Tower, and Canopy Camp.

We are proud and fortunate to have two generations of guides as part of the Canopy Family team, and Jose Danilo Jr’s expertise, combined with his passion for nature, greatly contributes to our guests’ exceptional experiences. Today, Jose Danilo Jr serves as the head guide at the Canopy Lodge, where he not only leads birding tours but also assists in customer service and organizes the guides’ schedule on a weekly basis. With his extensive experience, in-depth knowledge of the local avifauna, and dedication to his work, he ensures that our guests have a memorable and rewarding birding experience.