We offer specialized tours for visitors who are interested in things other than birds, such as a visit to the Interoceanic Museum, Colonial Panama, a Panama City Tour, and so much more! Learn more below:

In addition, if you are a partner of a birdwatcher considering a stay at the Canopy Tower, you have plenty to do and see.  A library of interesting books and magazines awaits you; there is also Wi-Fi available and an Apple computer for your use; enjoy a snooze in a hammock, rocked by the gentle breezes; enjoy a soft drink, fresh tea or coffee and a snack; listen for squeaks and shrills, signs that a troop of Mantled Howlers or Geoffroy’s Tamarins are on the way; listen for the throaty croaking of the gaudy Keel-billed Toucan making an appearance; look for the huge basking Green Iguanas clambering among the Cecropia branches, along with 2 species of sloths (Hoffmann’s Two-toed & Brown-throated Three-toed!) — all in search of tender, juicy shoots; visit the nature store on the bottom floor, where native-made bracelets, t-shirts and other articles of interest, including CDs identifying the local wildflowers may be purchased!  Or watch for huge ships as they negotiate the Culebra Cut of the Canal; we also recommend a tour to a nearby attraction of historical, human or natural interest.

Below is a list of favorite activities that can easily be arranged — we just request the favor of one business day’s advance notice for one of these tours of Panama, please. Finally, at dusk, enjoy the glimmering lights of distant Panamá City — one of the great urban centers of Central America — alive with energy and vibrance, but quiet and serene from your Canopy Tower perspective. Who knows, with all these Panama points of interest nearby, you just may have more to brag about at the dinner table than the hotshot birders!

Canopy Family Tour Add Ons - Sloth in tree
Canopy Family Tour Add Ons - Green Iguana

Panama Canal Visitor Center at Miraflores Locks

There are four exhibition halls, which include historic artifacts used in the construction of the Canal, interactive modules, video presentations, models of the Panama Canal, and objects used in Canal operations.  While visiting here you will most likely get the chance to see a ship make its way through the locks on its journey through the center passage of the world! For another special experience you can dine at the restaurant for dinner and watch the canal at night, illuminated with lights from below. The Canal is definitely one of the can’t-miss points of interest in Panama.

Panama City Tour

On this full- or half-day excursion to one of the Americas’ pivotal cities, you will see the ruins of Old Panamá, destroyed by the infamous English pirate, Sir Henry Morgan.  A visit to Colonial Panamá and the Interoceanic Museum explaining the role Panama has played in commerce, beginning with the Spanish conquest, to the Panamá Railroad and Canal is one of the most interesting tours in Panama!

Interoceanic Museum

The setting is a lovely building which was the original headquarters of De Lesseps’ company in Panamá’s Plaza de la Catedral.  The museum is one of the most historical points of interest in Panama, as it has artifacts from the French period and also the American effort, which finally succeeded in completing the Canal.  It has excellent audio-visual presentations.

Colonial Panama

This area of the city has been declared a World Heritage Site and contains wonderful architecture of the Spanish period with strong French influence of the late 1800s, making this one of the most sought-after points of interest in Panama. This can be combined with a visit to the Canal Administration Building to see the murals depicting the construction of the Canal by William B. Van Ingen of New York, an outstanding artist who had achieved considerable fame for his murals in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia.

Barro Colorado Island

This island is administered by the STRI (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute) and is the largest island in Gatun Lake.  BCI is the site of an internationally recognized biological research station.  To get to the island, visitors board a boat in Gamboa.  This tour takes an entire day.

Smithsonian Marine Exhibit in Naos

This open-air museum at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal offers exhibits on marine and coastal environments. It’s one of the most interesting tours in Panama!

BioMuseo designed by Frank Gehry

The new BioMuseo, designed by Frank Gehry, cannot be missed as you reach the Amador causeway, with its bright colors and unique angular structure. This museum is definitely one of our favorite Panama points of interest. The museum features galleries dealing with Panama’s ecosystems and biodiversity, both terrestrial and aquatic.

Canopy Adventure in El Valle de Antón

This is an exciting full-day trip across the Canal and into the Panamanian hinterlands to visit El Valle de Anton, site of the Canopy Adventure.

Embera Drua Indian Village

This full-day excursion takes you to an authentic indigenous settlement at the headwaters of the Chagres River. It’s one of the most exciting tours in Panama!

Nature Exhibits at Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Half-day excursion for orchids and butterfly exhibits at a nearby resort.

Exhibits include:

  • Orchid & plant nurseries
  • Serpentarium
  • Butterfly house
  • Fresh water fish & reptiles ecology exhibit

Shopping in Panama City

Panamá City, literally the crossroads of the world, is rightfully renowned for its shopping. Enjoy browsing for French perfumes, Oriental table cloths, Italian jewelry and thousands of goods from all over the world at duty-free prices. It’s definitely one of the most famous points of interest in Panama!

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